Learn Green Buildings

The next version of Learn HVAC will be incorporated into a new software package called Learn Green Buildings. In addition to new expanded features of HVAC systems, students will be able to explore building evelope systems, lighting systems and controls, and daylighting systems and strategies.

3D Animation and Conversion to Web GL

Superb is currently in the process of applying a burgeoning open-source technology platform to support Learn Green Buildings in a new, more accessible way. In partnership with SRI's Kuda team, we are using WebGL to make Learn Green Buildings part of this open-source JavaScript API movement, which facilitates dynamic, interactive 3D applications within a web browser—no plug-in required.

Data Structures for 9-zone analysis

The future version of Learn HVAC is being designed with a data structure to permit examination of any one of 9 zones in the North, East, South, West, ot Core on the one floor of a multi-story building. This allows users to switch from zone to zone in analyzing system performance. For example, HVAC behavior at 3 pm on a sunny summer afternoon can be expected to vary considerably by zone.